We're here for you...

You might not know it, but we bring the gas to your home. Every day our engineers are hard at work, taking care of the gas-pipe network hidden beneath your feet.

We're working hard..

Our 35,000 kilometres of gas pipes keep the gas flowing to homes and businesses throughout Wales and the South West of England. 

Weaving in and out of cities, towns and villages throughout our network, the length of gas pipes we take care of every day, if stretched out in one continuous line, could reach from the UK to New Zealand and back again!

To make sure that we keep you and your families safe and warm for generations to come we are upgrading the gas pipes, changing them from old metal pipes to new plastic ones.

To keep everyone safe...

We're spending £1.4 million on this every week as part of a 30-year programme that is essential to keep the gas flowing and make sure your gas network is fit for the future. 

Working with communities

We appreciate our work can have an impact on the communities we serve. So whether we are carrying out a small repair, or a large scale gas pipe upgrade, we know how important it is to keep our customers informed.

We always try to be open and honest about our work and its potential impact. We make it a priority to talk to everyone that may be affected so we can minimise disruption, listen and act on feedback and improve the services we offer for all our customers.  

What to expect

If we're going to upgrade your pipes we'll keep you updated. Here are the five steps we'll take to make sure your upgrade goes as smoothly as possible.

Our guide to pipe upgrades

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What to expect