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Gas Connections and Diversions

We provide new gas connections services to the whole of Wales and the south west of England. Every year we connect another 11,000 homes and businesses with our new gas supply services and make some 3,000 alterations to our network. And we're proud to do a good job of it too, achieving industry-leading customer satisfaction scores along the way. If you're happy, we're happy.

As a gas transporter, we offer a service to lay new gas pipes and services, which stop at an Emergency Control Valve that marks the end of our network. We are not able to supply gas meters so you'll need to sign up with a gas supplier to get a meter installed. Read more information on meters.

Gas Connection Charges and Standards of Service

We take pride in offering a service that meets your individual needs. There are guaranteed standard of service timescales which we have to meet (we make payments if we miss them), but we always do our best to perform well above these standards. 

For most of the work we do there is a charge, but help is available for some home connections and for those customers who are most in need. We normally need payment before we start work, unless you have previously worked with us and we've completed a credit check so you can pay by invoice.


  • Quotations – We always aim to exceed our Guaranteed Standards of Service. Depending on the complexity of the work required, we will provide you with a quotation within 6 – 11 working days for domestic and small commercial supplies. However, we can usually produce your quotation within 1 week. For larger developments or complex designs this can take up to 21 working days.
  • From payment to starting work – This depends upon the work required, however for domestic properties, we generally commence work within 3 to 4 weeks of payment. For more complex works or where we are required by the Highways Authority to close the road, this could be 3 months or more.
  • Getting you back on gas – Where it is necessary to interrupt your gas supply (for example; following and alteration of your supply), subject to emergency work we will usually be back to site to restore your gas supply within 4 hours of the service work being completed.
  • Reinstatement – Following completion of the works, we will return to site within 3 days in order to complete any final reinstatement outstanding and then remove any barriers, road plates, ramps and signs.


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