Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Wales & West Utilities is a regulated monopoly. What does that mean? It means that our customers don’t have the option of choosing a different company to transport the gas to their homes or businesses in Wales or the south west of England. For that reason we are committed to making sure that we provide a very high standard of customer service - so that even if our customers did have a choice, they would always choose us!

Our regulator Ofgem has included a condition in our licence to operate that requires us to carry out independent customer satisfaction surveys every quarter. We use a market research company to conduct a postal survey on our behalf for our three main services:

  • New gas connections/service alterations
  • Our emergency and repair service
  • Our gas mains replacement service

The survey questions cover all aspects of the way we work so we can get a better idea of how our customers feel, see what we could be doing better and measure how well our improvements are working. Over the last 10 years we have consistently been one of the top scoring gas distribution networks operating in the UK for customer satisfaction (a record we are very proud of). In addition to this we have won seven industry awards for Customer Service Excellence since 2009. 

We are also members of the Institute of Customer Service and in 2014 we achieved our professional accreditation for service excellence known as the Service Mark.

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