Digitalisation Strategy & Action Plan

Meeting The Needs Of Consumers And Network Users

  • We provide an on-line system for connection quotes – so that anyone who requires a gas connection can receive a quote through a simple internet-based process. 
  • National Grid provide a portal for all gas network data via their Operational Data Exchange. We supply data for publication on this portal. This database is available to all and provides daily balancing data including demand, supply, temperature and calorific values at LDZ or Exit Point granularity.

Delivering Value For Money

  • We publish our Regulatory Reporting Packs (RRPs) in the public domain. These contain significant detail on money spent, workloads delivered and outputs achieved each year. Find our company reports here.

Delivering An Environmentally Sustainable Network

  • We have shared our future of energy modelling tools such as the unique Pathfinder model with interested parties under licence at no cost. Find out more here.
  • We publish details and results of Future of Energy Projects both completed and in flight. This allows others to implement the learnings from our research projects in future work. Prevailing View is a source provides current and projected information on the status of the national gas system balance
  • Gridwatch this is an external source for electricity balancing hourly data which is available for download. 

Maintaining A Safe And Resilient Network

  • We share asset data readily. Interested parties can log onto an internet-based system and within minutes have access to our mapping data. Find out more

  • We publish our long-term development statement to support future planning and resilience of the energy network. See our ten-year statement
  • Daily flow weighted average CVs for Wales South are available in the Data Item Explorer database (along with other info you may find useful). 

Contacting us

Anyone interested in data assets held by WWU, has feedback on data quality or wants to discuss data generally, please submit a request to