Disconnecting from the gas network

If you would like to disconnect from the gas network, you should contact your energy supplier. Your energy supplier will arrange for your gas meter to be removed. If you also need the gas pipe leading to your property removed, you should contact your gas distribution network operator but there may be a charge.

You will typically deal with two companies.

  • Your energy supplier, which is the company that bills you for the energy you use.
  • Wales & West Utilities is the company that maintains the gas pipes in your area. This company is different and separate to your energy supplier.

Removing your gas meter

  • You will no longer pay standing charges
  • You will no longer pay for gas usage
  • Your gas meter will be removed
  • The pipe carrying gas to your property might remain

You can contact your energy supplier (the company which bills you for your gas) to end your gas supply contract and request removal of your gas meter. Some energy suppliers may charge for this service, but many offer the service free of charge.

Your energy supplier will arrange for the gas pipe to be sealed (known as ‘capped’) at the emergency control valve. The emergency control valve is normally found inside a meter box or inside your home. The capped gas pipe will still be live but you will no longer pay standing charges or for gas usage.

If a new gas meter is not fitted within 12 months, Wales & West Utilities will contact the property owner. If the pipe is no longer needed, the gas distribution network operator might carry out additional work to determine if the pipe needs to be removed too.

Pipes made of metal will usually be disconnected unless they supply gas to your neighbours. We may leave plastic pipes in place and live if there is no risk of corrosion, and they may be required in the future. If the pipe is disconnected, it will be disconnected as close to the gas main as possible and more than 12 months after the meter is removed by your energy supplier.

Wales & West Utilities will not charge for this type of disconnection. However, you will need to check if your energy supplier will charge you to remove the gas meter. You can find their contact details on your energy bill.

Removing the gas pipe

You might need this service if you are carrying out building work or substantial renovation / demolition work.

The pipe carrying gas to your property will be removed and this work will be chargeable

If there is a gas meter at the property, you must first contact your energy supplier to end the gas supply contract and arrange for the gas meter to be removed.

Wales & West Utilities will not disconnect pipes and equipment until the gas meter has been safely removed by your energy supplier.

Working near gas pipes must be completed by a competent person and your gas supply pipe must never be built over. Rules and regulations apply during any type of building work, these prevent building work on or close to the gas pipe. You can find out more information at https://www.energynetworks.org/customers/building-works-gas-pipes-need-to-know.

Our Dial before You DIG pages give advice on how to dig safely near gas pipes and equipment. It’s a criminal offence to damage a gas pipeline and it is your responsibility to make the necessary enquiries before starting work.

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