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Gas Pipelines – Isolation of Pipes and Services

Before you start any work around a gas supply, you need to find out whether it will affect the safety of the pipe. If so, you must arrange for the pipe to be disconnected.

Work that could affect gas pipelines:

  • Demolition of property - we always need to isolate all gas pipes outside the demolition area.
  • Refurbishment / modernisation of property - if it's a major refurb, the gas standpipe may be at risk, especially if you're removing internal walls.
  • Extensions to property - if you're building an extension over the existing gas supply and it can't be relocated, we will need to isolate the pipe

Costs for Gas Isolation

We'll charge you for isolation work, and once it's done, it'll be permanent. Once the service has been isolated, you will need to request a new service if you want to use gas again.

Our charging statement shows how much we usually charge for standard work.

Applying for a gas isolation

We will typically provide you with a quote between six and 11 working days from receipt of your application.

Once you've accepted a quote, we'll be in touch within six working days to arrange for the work to be carried out.

How long it takes us to get the job done will vary depending on workload and Highway Authority requirements, but we're usually finished within 20-40 days from acceptance.

To apply for an isolation, please download a Isolation/Disconnection form from our Gas Connections Documents page to fill in and send to us in the post.

For more information, notes and guidance regarding isolations, please see our Gas Connections Documents page.

Contact details:

Isolations Hotline: 02920 278930
FAX: 0845 0720850