Danny Beynon, Wales & West Utilities Operational Manager for Swansea said:

“We continue our work to repair a leaking gas pipe on Mumbles Road at the junction with Sketty Lane in Swansea. The leaking pipe runs across Mumbles Road, which means we have to work at several locations in the carriageway.  

“In agreement with City and County of Swansea Council, we are, as far as possible, working outside peak times only. However, because of the type of work and techniques we need to use to do this job we cannot always do this. To repair the pipe we are using a sealant that needs time to set before we fill our excavations in. This may give the impression that we are not working at the site – but this is not the case.

“To reopen the road within peak hours we have to temporarily fill in our excavations before digging them out again outside peak hours. This is time consuming and slows our work down. This means that the work may take longer than the three weeks we originally anticipated. Our engineers are working as safely and as quickly as they can to repair this leak and we will keep local people updated.

“We know our work is disruptive, but it really is essential that we repair the gas network in this area now. We are working as safely and as quickly as we can to get things back to normal.

“Wales & West Utilities has a team of more than 1000 trained and experienced engineers to help serve the 7.5m people across Wales and the south west of England that rely on its gas emergency and pipeline services. If anyone smells gas, thinks they have a gas leak, or suspects carbon monoxide poisoning, they should call us on 0800 111 999 and our engineers will be there to help, day or night."