We’re the gas emergency and pipeline service that serves Wales and the south west of England. It’s our responsibility to make sure we keep the gas flowing to heat homes and power businesses.

As part of this work, we carry out regular exercises to make sure that in the unlikely event of a gas supply emergency, we can work with large gas users to reduce their gas demand to keep the gas flowing to as many homes and businesses as possible.

We’re carrying our an exercise on Wednesday 19 September to call the 200 largest gas users in north Wales, south Wales and the south west of England to check we have the correct contact details and they would know what to do to turn their gas supply off in an emergency.

This is only an exercise – and there is no need for anyone to stop using gas.

If you have any questions or concerns about this exercise, our Customer Service Team is ready to take your call if you have any questions about our work. You can contact them on free phone 0800 912 2999 or by enquiries@wwwutilities.co.uk. Alternatively, you can contact us on Twitter @WWUtilities or Facebook.com/WWUtilities.