The company has a team of trained colleagues who work as Gas Safety Ambassadors and go into primary schools across Wales and the south west of England to spread important safety messages. The sessions, specifically aimed at young people, help drive home the simple steps people can take to stay safe from the dangers of carbon monoxide – the ‘Silent Killer’, and how to stay safe around work sites and in the home.

The sessions are delivered in a fun and engaging way and provide children with an opportunity to share messages with their families and loved ones to help keep them safe and warm at home.

One of Wales & West Utilities Gas Ambassadors, Andrew Firth, said:

We want to equip as many young people as possible with vital gas safety information.

Our sessions are delivered in a fun and informative way, with children taking a participative role. We have been running similar sessions for years now and the response from pupils, teachers and families has always been positive.

We know how hard stretched teachers are and these sessions are delivered by our trained ambassadors, with minimal input from teachers, and are free of charge.

As a company we work hard to help keep the communities we serve safe and warm as well as raising awareness of the deathly dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning and gas safety – in the community and in the home. They’re a great source of information and we know the information gets back to families and friends too, making sure more people know what to do in gas-related situations.

As part of the session, Gas Ambassadors explain what gas does in the home and how it gets there, before detailing what Wales & West Utilities does to make sure people continue to receive a safe and reliable gas supply. They also spend time explaining the steps people should take if they were to smell gas or suspect CO poisoning, before encouraging youngsters to learn the national gas emergency number – 0800 111 999.

If your school would like a visit from Wales & West Utilities Gas Safety Ambassadors, contact them at

Wales & West Utilities, the gas emergency and pipeline service, brings energy to 7.5m people across the south west of England and Wales. If you smell gas, or suspect the presence of carbon monoxide, call us on 0800 111 999 straight away, and our engineers will be there to help any time of day or night. Before visiting, we'll ask you to let us know if you or anyone in your household, is experiencing Coronavirus symptoms or self-isolating. We'll still come and help you: but our teams will take some additional precautions to keep us all safe.