Wales West Utilities Llandarcy

Colleagues from Wales & West Utilities Llandarcy depot are celebrating after investing over £15 million in the gas infrastructure of the local area in the past decade.

The team, which works across west Wales celebrated the investment as part of the 10 year anniversary of the gas distribution company.

During a decade in operation, staff have worked hard to complete the replacement of 470 kilometres of gas pipes in the area. This is part of the company’s multi-million pound 30-year programme to replace old metal gas pipes with plastic ones that have a lifespan of over 80 years. The team has also responded to over 122,000 emergency call-outs from customers and worked to connect over 13,000 new customers to the gas network.

As part of the tenth anniversary the team at the depot celebrated with staff, suppliers and partners. The event brought together individuals who continue to work hard on a day-to-day basis to support customers, whilst also increasing the security and safety of gas supplies to the local area through the mains replacement programme.

Area Business Manager Gareth Robinson is one of the Wales & West Utilities team working from the Llandarcy depot, he has worked with the company since it began operations and said:

“I am delighted to have played a part in the achievements of the team locally.

“As a business, we don’t sell gas, instead we use our pipeline to transport gas to homes and businesses across our distribution network which involves connecting new customers, maintaining and replacing pipework and associated assets, and responding to gas emergencies.  

“Having the recognition of how our work has impacted on the business is great and I am looking forward to what the future will bring for our Llandarcy depot.”

Wales & West Utilities Chief Executive Graham Edwards said:

“We are thrilled to celebrate this exciting milestone and, most importantly, to acknowledge the vital role our west Wales employees, customers, partners and community have played in our success.

 “We have come a long way during the past decade and are consistently delivering on customer satisfaction, having been sector best in five out of the last six years. We have made huge investments in our people and technology – and will continue to do so into the future.

 “For Wales & West Utilities, we are committed to growing on our successes, continuing to provide excellent customer service and support more customers to connect to gas and we look forward to working with more people and communities across the area of west Wales.”

Wales & West Utilities began operations on 1 June 2005, previously one of four local gas distribution zones sold by National Grid plc. The company operates around 35,000 kilometres of gas pipelines serving 2.5 homes and business, an estimated population of 7.5 million across Wales and the South West of England and is headquartered in Newport, South Wales.

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