Families in Wales and the south west of England looking to occupy the kids during lockdown are being urged to check out an exciting new website for children that teaches gas safety - with a difference.

Featuring Safety Seymour, a cuddly superhero bear from outer space, the new website uses storytelling, cartoons, classroom-style activities and even yoga and origami to alert families to the danger of deadly carbon monoxide.

The website has been launched jointly by Britain’s gas networks, which operate and maintain the country’s underground gas pipes, delivering gas safely to millions of homes and businesses.

Known as the silent killer, carbon monoxide can be produced by anything that burns, like faulty or badly maintained gas boilers, cookers, and fires, as well as barbecues and wood burners. It can’t be seen, smelt or tasted but it kills some 40 people a year and leaves many more with life-changing injuries.

Sarah Hopkins, Wales & West Utilities People & Engagement Director, said:

“With people spending much more time at home, gas safety is more important than ever. We’ve come together with the other gas networks to bring a set of resources into homes across the UK during these exceptional times.

“Gas safety is such an important life lesson and we’ve learnt through our classroom-based sessions, which have been running since 2015, how well children respond to the interactive way in which it’s taught, via Safety Seymour.

“These new materials provide an essential resource for educators and parents alike so that young children can learn about gas safety at home, in an exciting way.”

The Safety Seymour programme is aimed at Key Stage 1 pupils and features games, drama and craft to help them and their families stay safe from the dangers of carbon monoxide in their homes.

Previously delivered in schools, the programme has been specifically developed for online use as people of all ages across the UK, and world, adapt to working and learning from home. The materials have been developed by creative learning company with input from teachers.

One youngster who supports the launch of the materials is 7-year old, Jaydee-Lee Dummett. After Wales & West Utilities visited her school last year to run a Safety Seymour school session, Jaydee-Lee quickly reeled off the emergency gas telephone number – 0800 111 999 – after spotting the deathly signs of carbon monoxide poisoning. Jaydee-Lee’s quick thinking not only saved the lives of her family, but also saw her win the Child of Courage award at the 2019 Pride of Britain Awards.

Jaydee-Lee said: “I remembered the signs of carbon monoxide poisoning from the Safety Seymour session and helped save my family’s lives.

“It’s so important to learn about gas safety, as you never know when you might need it. These new activities will give children, like me, the knowledge needed to stay safe. I can’t wait to give them a go!”

Sarah added:

“We are all learning to live our lives in new ways, and it is hoped that these materials will give parents and teachers a free resource to offer education whilst children can’t be in school.

“We are proud to partner with the other UK gas networks to develop these Safety Seymour resources to make sure children can keep their learning going at this challenging time.”