Wales & West Utilities is piloting a new learning and development programme aimed at connecting colleagues with the company’s values.

‘Values at Work’ is a training programme that will be rolled out business-wide, better connecting individuals with the values the company instils in its team.

Piloted in September, the multi-day programme, which is accredited by the independent assessment service Energy & Utility Skills, is aimed at improving the experience of Wales & West Utilities customers.

Energy & Utility Skills endorsement of the training programme recognises Wales & West Utilities’ commitment to quality while giving the company the flexibility to develop a course that meet its own needs, as well as the specific needs of its customers. 

Sue Entwistle, Wales & West Utilities Customer Satisfaction Project Coordinator developed the programme and said:

“It is well known that people learn better from each other and this programme has participation at its heart. It sees us taking a
different approach, bringing together different people to create a real mix of experience.

“This will help us improve the experience we deliver to customers right across the board, making sure all our colleagues, whether they’re working in Operations or the office, have all the skills they need to meet our customers’ expectations today and in the future.”