We have now restored the gas supply to the vast majority of homes in Whitminster that were affected by water getting into one of our gas pipes on 28 December. The six outstanding homes that we have not yet been able to access have been left cards and when the residents return and contact us we will turn them back on too.

Our work so far has focused on removing water from the network and restoring the gas supply to homes in the area. We do not yet know the source of the water and are continuing our work to find it. This is a complex process that may take a number of days. While it is unlikely that the gas supply will be interrupted again, it cannot be ruled out until the source of the water has been found and the issue resolved.

We appreciate the continuing patience, assistance and understanding of the local community.

We will post regular updates on this situation online here, on Twitter at @wwutilities and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/wwutilities