Wales & West Utilities has pulled out all the stops to support a customer during a difficult time in his life.
Robin Hannigan, from Wotton-under-Edge in Stroud, contacted the gas distribution network to explain that his oil fired boiler had broken down and that he was completely without central heating, hot water or cooking facilities – a daunting prospect during these cold winter months. However what made the situation even more urgent was that Mr Hannigan was undergoing treatment for prostate cancer.
Robin Hannigan
Robin called Wales & West Utilities customer services department to begin the process of connecting his property to the gas network. His call was taken by customer service team leader Vicky Munn who helped him complete the initial application.
Realising how pressing the matter was, Vicky and Wales & West Utilities new connections team worked to raise a quotation for the work quickly – and issued it the same day. Once this was agreed with Mr Hannigan, arrangements were made for a meter to be fitted, while financial assistance came from vouchers issued under Wales & West Utilities Warm Home Assistance scheme. With financial issues taken care of, engineers visited Mr Hannigan to lay a new gas connection and install his meter.
The whole procedure can take up to six weeks, but the Wales & West Utilities team were able to go all-out and get Mr Hannigan’s home heated in just 11 days – a bit of a record!
Wales & West Utilities’ customer service team leader Vicky Munn, said:
“The gas connection procedure has many important stages and conditions that need to be met to make sure we connect properties in the safest and most efficient way to our gas network. However this can also mean that it takes some time. This isn’t usually a problem as most properties are either vacant or have another heating system they can rely on prior to being connected to gas, but for Mr Hannigan this just wasn’t the case.
“Once we were aware of Mr Hannigan’s situation the whole team worked their socks off. When the work was done in the office it was passed to our engineers, and they really worked hard to get the gas connected, a meter fitted, and Mr Hannigan’s house warm as soon as possible. It’s always a great feeling to be able to help a customer, but knowing that getting this connection through quickly has helped Mr Hannigan at such a difficult time in his life really is its own reward.”
Mr Hannigan said:
“Losing central heating, hot water and cooking facilities would have been inconvenient at the best of times – but it really just couldn’t have come at a worse time. I was hoping for a quick gas connection but Wales & West Utilities really pulled out the stops to help me.
“I cannot thank the people I spoke to on the phone enough, they were helpful and knowledgeable, and got things sorted straight away. Then the engineering team that laid the new gas connection came out on a cold and wet day, but got stuck straight in and had it sorted in no time. I couldn’t ask for more.
“The house is like toast now and I’m ready to take on the challenges of the next few months. To the whole Wales & West team, I say thank you!”
Wales & West Utilities Warm Home Assistance scheme can provide up to £2,802 towards the cost of a new gas connection to homes that qualify. Alongside this scheme, households may also be eligible for further funding towards a central heating system and home insulation. People can find out if their homes qualify for our Warm Home Assistance scheme at or by calling us on 0800 912 2999
Wales & West Utilities offers an online quotation facility for new connections. It is available to domestic or commercial customers who need a new gas connection, or alteration of a single gas supply to an existing property or a new build. It uses a mapping system to show the location of properties in relation to the gas network, allowing customers to easily identify and plan a route round any potential obstacles. It also allows people to choose the location of their gas meter box resulting in a cost being prepared specifically for the requirements of that customer.
You can try out the online quotation facility here
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