As you may have guessed from the date - we haven't appointed a Feline Asset Manager or Feline Operatives - although thanks to Maisy for helping us out today!

We don’t need cats (as cute as they can be) to maintain our governor and pressure reduction installations. Our Network Services teams do that – and do it well – without their help.

And while a Gas Distribution Network using cats certainly would be innovative it’s not the sort of innovation we’re after.

Instead – we’ve worked with Steve Vick to develop an industry first ductile iron cutter – amongst other things. You can see more about our industry leading innovation here



Our latest innovation project kicks off today, with the appointment of Feline Asset Manager Olaf Priol. Working with other gas distribution networks on developing this project, we've added visits by our Feline Operatives to our governor maintenance programmes. Our new cat colleagues will perform sweeps for rodents in the immediate vicinity of our sites, as well as making sure the surrounding area is clear of birds and other pests.

Commenting, Olaf, who joins us from a Scandinavian gas distribution network, said:

"I've worked in the gas industry for a while now and jumped at the chance to move into a feline supporting role. I'm really pleased to be leading on a project as innovative as this one and looking forward to seeing what our new cat colleagues can do."

Sarah Hopkins, Wales & West Utilities Director of HR and guardian of two cats herself said:

"This marks another step forward in designing our company for the future. I've had cats all my life and I knew they were good hunters but never thought they too could work for a gas company. When the next round of feline recruitment opens I'll be encouraging both of my pets to apply."

Maisy, our first Feline Operative added: