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Thank you for completing part one of the online application form. In order for your application to be accepted you must complete the Equality and diversity statement below.

As part of our sustained drive for competitiveness and superior performance we take a positive approach to Equality & Diversity.

We are committed to providing equality and opportunity. In order to help us make sure this is being carried out, we need the information below to analyse the applications we receive. 

When we receive your completed form, the following section will be removed and it will not be used in anyway as part of the selection process.

1. Personal details

2. Ethnic Origin

Please tick one box only. By ethnic group we mean colour and broad ethic group. We do not mean nationality of place of birth as UK citizens can belong to any of the groups listed. (These groups are recommended by the Commission for Racial Equality)

3. Asylum and Immigration Act

If you are not a British/EC citizen can you provide documentary evidence that you are able to work in the UK?

4. Disability

5. Declaration

We will process your personal and sensitive data, contained within this document, and disclose it to the appropriate departments. This will not be limited to our Line Management, Occupational Health and Human Resources. Please tick below, to indicate: you are happy with what we have informed you, above; that the information on this form is true and complete; and that if any statements found to be false or misleading, your application may be disqualified or your employment may be terminated.