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Gas Emergencies

What to do if you smell gas

If you smell gas or are worried about gas safety, you can callĀ the gas emergency number 0800 111 999 at any time, day or night, 365 days a year. The call is free. Just pick up the phone, dial the number and you will be put through to a trained operator who will take all the details.

All calls to the National Gas Emergency Service are recorded, and may be monitored.

If you smell gas, call free on 0800 111 999.

  • Turn off the gas at the meter, unless the meter is located in a cellar or basement - in which case, do not enter.
  • If there is a smell of gas in the cellar or basement, you should evacuate the building.
  • Extinguish all naked flames - do not smoke or strike matches.
  • Turn off all gas appliances and do not use until they are checked by the engineer.
  • Do not operate any electrical appliances or turn any switches on or off.
  • Open doors and windows to ventilate the property.
  • Keep people away from the area.
  • Immediate access will be required.

What happens next?

Once we've gathered all the information, we send it electronically to an engineer for action. We aim to attend all uncontrolled escapes within one hour, and all controlled escapes within two hours. A controlled gas escape is one where the person reporting it has confirmed that the gas emergency control valve serving the premises has been turned off and the smell of gas has gone. An uncontrolled gas escape covers all others.

What if the gas leak is indoors?

Our engineers will always 'make safe' when called to a suspected gas escape. However, the emergency service we provide under the terms of our licence does not cover repairs to appliances or installation pipework which can't be completed within 30 minutes.

So what do I do next?

Once we have made the property safe, our engineer will explain that any work on appliances (e.g. cookers, boilers or fires) has to be carried out by a Gas Safe Registered engineer. You can find details of Gas Safe Registered engineers atĀ

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